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Diamond Sky Soapery

Candy Corn Wax Melts

Candy Corn Wax Melts

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Candy Corn Wax Melts

Indulge in the festive spirit of Halloween with our Candy Corn Scented Wax Melts, exclusively from Diamond Sky Soapery. As a part of our special Halloween 2023 collection, these wax melts are a delightful treat for your senses, bringing the sweet and nostalgic scent of candy corn into your home. Crafted with care, each wax melt showcases a vibrant layering of yellow, orange, and white, perfectly mirroring the beloved Halloween candy.

Usage Instructions

  1. Choose Your Wax Warmer: Ensure you have a suitable wax warmer for melting.

  2. Place the Wax Melt: Place one or more wax melts in the warmer tray, depending on the desired intensity of fragrance.

  3. Light the Warmer: Light the warmer and allow the wax to melt, releasing the delightful candy corn fragrance into your space.

  4. Enjoy the Aroma: Sit back and enjoy the warm, sweet aroma that fills your space, setting a festive and cozy atmosphere.

Safety Instructions

  1. Keep Away from Children and Pets: Ensure that the wax warmer is placed in a safe location, out of reach of children and pets.

  2. Do Not Ingest: Although reminiscent of the sweet candy, these wax melts are not edible. Please avoid ingesting.

  3. Avoid Contact with Skin: The melted wax can be hot. Avoid contact with skin to prevent burns.

  4. Use in a Well-Ventilated Area: Use the wax melts in a well-ventilated area to prevent the buildup of fragrance.

  5. Never Leave Unattended: Never leave the melting wax unattended. Turn off the warmer when not in use.

Product Details

  • Collection: Halloween 2023
  • Color: Yellow, Orange, and White
  • Scent: Candy Corn
  • Available at: Diamond Sky Soapery

Indulge in a festive sensory experience with Diamond Sky Soapery's Candy Corn Scented Wax Melts, where quality meets indulgence.

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